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Atameh Pars  food company has been established in 1990 , it offers all its products under Tayhoo Brand.
This complex includes the following units:
Processing of Crude Protein unit:
It is marketed with an annual capacity of 20 thousands of tons in separate halls equipped with modern machinery for sorting and packaging ostrich , turkey , chicken , quail and fish in various packaging , fresh , frozen and semi-prepared such as roast chicken , schnitzel .
Chiller unit :
This complex includes of one chiller unit which has the capacity of 5000 tons under zero and also it has 8 fast freezing tunnels that give services to all the other parts of it.
Meat products unit :
This unit contains of different sausages , hot dogs , salamis , frankfurter and etc which are marketed in rolls or vacuumed packs to the market.
Conserve unit :
In this unit , different kinds of fish , chicken , tripe , tongue , beans and stewed are produced.
Protein salads unit :
The first phase of these salads contains of 5 types :  olvieh salad , sausage and pasta , sausage and vegetables , chicken fillet , pasta and fish . these salads have been made by advanced machinery and also with the best ingredients.
The formula used for the sausages of each salad is different  which have been imported from Austria. This company use the best and very improved technology called IML for packing these salads.
Catering unit :
This unit has the capacity of 25000 dishes each day containing of variety of Iranian foods such as : all the stewed , rice , different cuisines , which have been made in different types such as mentioned below :
A ) warm : they are offered to governmental institutes , private institutes , universities , municipalities, in more than 200 dishes.
B ) cold : which can be kept in refrigerator up to 72 hours.
C ) frozen : the foods have been frozen by IQF , they can be warmed by oven or microwave then it is ready to be used.
According to the latest researches , today IQF is the best and the most healthy way for keeping the foods safe and usable up to 6 months , there’s no chemical material in this way for keeping the foods , and it is made by high pressure and temperature which make the food last for a longer time and it just need to be warmed for a short time then it is totally fresh and still has its real taste and scent.
It should be mentioned that all raw protein materials used in this unit have been freshly supplied by  the raw protein products unit of this complex.
R&D and Lab :
A ) the R&D unit has the license from ministry of industry , mining and department of commerce.
B ) Labs unit : this unit contains of Chemical , physical and microbial laboratories which have the official license from veterinary organization.
Licensees and Standards :
A ) owner of utilization permit from veterinary organization for all raw animal products.
B ) all cooked and packed products have the utilization and construction licensee from the Ministry of Health.
C ) owner of  ISO22000 standard from TUV company from Germany and QAL from Europe Union.
D ) owner of HACCP certification and fish tuna exporting code from Europe Union ECC.
E ) owner of Halal Brand , under the observation Halal council under the ICRIC licensee
F ) owner of Dr.Hedayat prize and superior R&D from the association of Iranian Food Industry.
Distribution unit :
All the products of this company are being offered  to the dealers , representatives and cooperative companies by special trucks.